Media / Video

The original "Can My Baby Hear" video was developed by audiologist, Shawn S. Goodman, Ph.D. and was promoted by the late Dr. William F. House.

The current video demonstrates using a conventional sound level meter to measure the loudness of a mother's voice as she performs the Sleeping Baby Hearing Screen with her newborn. Although functional, the use use of a conventional sound level meter was complicated both from: (1) how to actually use a sound level meter and (2) how to distribute sound level meters to concerned parents.

With the development of the SBHT App, hearing health professionals and parents now have ready access to a simple-to-use, built-in sound level meter.

The current video clearly demonstrates for mothers how to perform the Sleeping Baby Hearing Screen. One caveat, the video contains an inaccurate statement. If your newborn "Passes" the hearing screen, the video states that your baby has "normal hearing." This statement is not accurate. Newborns who "Pass" the screen may still have one ear that does not hear well or does not hear at all. In reality, newborns with only one hearing ear may still develop speech and language normally and develop normal intellectual ability. Their main problem is the inability to localize sound.

The Foundation has plans to create Version 2.0 of the video using a smart-phone and a mobile device instead of a conventional sound level meter. Inacurrate content will be corrected.